Ages 12-14. 3-Month Custom At-Home Training Program (FlipGive promo)


 Program Description: 

  • Custom designed at home programs
  • Athlete APP connect you to trainer for support 
  • 3 strength workouts + 2 speed day workouts per week
  • Lifestyle metric tracking (hydration, sleep, nutrition, recovery)
  • Minimal equipment required (if needed)
  • Programs delivered to your phone or desktop 
  • Designed for all levels of fitness

 Ages 12-14 Program Description

In this age group we can start adding external resistance to certain movements keeping the emphasis on proper technique. It is important for the body to spend time under tension and develop ligament strength to aid in injury prevention. At this age athletes can begin utilizing light implement power tools such as medicine balls to teach them to apply force through their body to a secondary object. The sessions will increase in length having a distinct warm up and training component.

Next steps following registration:

  • ETS team member will contact you within 72-hours after registration to complete your enrollment


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