Club Experience

Sports clubs that engage in ETS training modules put their athletes onto a proven stream of athlete development excellence. In-season and off-seasn programs have been designed for athletes 8-17 years of age. Team members are accountable in satisfying daily questionnaires and workouts. 

Technologies afford club administration and coach's a better develop understanding of their athletes and how they are developing proper lifestyle and training habits. All this, with a minimal amount of work as the athlete powers their user experience via their app which in turn generates reports back to the club. 

Club coach's can easily view team and individual progress. Schedule features exist allowing coach's to schedule team practices, games, workouts or whatever else they need. Athletes view schedule updates in their app. Team coach's can also run combines.  Combine metrics are graphed in the system over time. 

Parent communication has never been more detailed. The ETS system generates weekly athlete reports to parents listing workout progress, hydration levels, sleep patterns and how your clild is eating. ETS also provides nutrition advice from the same Nutritionists that guide Pro athletes. 

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