The ETS app provides developing athletes with the same training tools professional athletes use. Athletes receive their workout programs, nutrition advice and athlete metrics on phones or tablets.  The daily questionnaires allow athletes to track hydration, sleep, nutrition, recovery and more. Each week the system sends a summary to the athlete, coach and parent ensuring athletes are on course in their development.  

Workouts (athletes 8-16 years)

Athletes access ETS training programs via the app. Click the workout icon and begin. The app allows athletes to read up on workouts & view exercises as demonstrated by professional ETS Coaches.  After satisfying each exercise, athletes mark complete in app and save once finished. Once saved the athlete completion rate boosts as they edge closer to program completion. Workouts were designed for at-home-workouts requiring very little (if any) equipment, as well as training in other facilities. 


Nutrition is a key component to in athlete development. Each week the same nutritionists who guide professional athletes provide meal ideas, nutrition tips and educational information on nutrition. 

You cannot out train bad nutrition. Simple fact is, athletes looking for training results require proper nutrition or their goals will not be reached. REAL FOOD = REAL RESULTS.


Team coaches log into the app, schedule workouts, games practices and whatever else they need. Once  scheduled athlete calendars instantly update in the app ensuring team members and coaches are all on the same page. Please note, this feature is not available for individual purchases. 


Athletes can easily view their results in relation to the team they play on.


View combine results in the APP. Please note teams must input the combine data for this information to appear. Over time this information is incredibly valuable as it allows coaches to map athlete data. Especially important for young developing athletes. Please note, this feature is not available for individual purchases

Training Load 

Burn out is often responsible for injury and other poor development factors. The training load function allows athletes to archive all activities. Coaches and trainers can now track athletes and other activities providing a much clearer understanding of the athlete.