Mark Fitzgerald

ETS founder is head strength coach to Anaheim ducks. Mark is also lead trainer to Rugby Ontario, Under Armour Canada and consults many high-level organizations such as Usport, OHL and more. Mark and his team take great pride in building athlete development modules at the highest level. 


All standardized programs are age-appropriate, safe and effective; they are designed to enhance the fundamental growth that occurs at each age of development. Each program will incorporate proper training techniques, holistic nutrition guidance and strategic recovery measures to help the athlete achieve peak performance. 




    • Customized training evaluation and program 
    • Athlete profile. This is where the athletes forge their development history. Very simple to use. Log in, workout and save. Use our app, tablet or home computer.  
    • Customized training evaluation and program  
    • Daily Athlete Questionnaire. Athletes answer questions and reports generate scoring key metrics like hydration, sleep, tissue work, pre & post recovery etc
    • In-season maintenance and off-season workouts are released to the athlete profile. Workouts are satisfied and saved by the athlete in the system. Athletes graduate into new programs over time
    • Weekly nutrition advice. Nutrition content designed by highly educated nutritionists responsible in guiding the best hockey players in the world! Pre game meal ideas, breakfast-lunch-dinner plans, post game recovery and weekly nutrition tips designed specifically for athletes 
    • Weekly scheduler. Allows team coaches to schedule workouts, games, practices and other events which then auto populate in the athlete profile
    • Mobile app that constantly evolves with ETS training models. Apps allow us to connect you with ground breaking ETS training strategies and nutrition advice.