In-Season and Off-Season programs designed with individual athlete’s specific goals in mind. Programs are customized to help the athlete realize their potential and achieve peak performance. All programs incorporate proper training techniques and progression, holistic nutrition guidance and strategic recovery measures. 

CUSTOM PROGRAM Options: In Season & Off Season

    1. Junior Programs (Age 8-11)
    2. Senior Programs (Age 12-14)
    3. Age 15 
    4. Age 16
    5. Age 17
    6. Semi-Pro
    7. Pro

     Athlete profile. This is where the athletes forge their development history. Very simple to use. Log in, workout and save. Can be done through app, tablet or home computer.  

     In-season and off-season workouts released to the athlete profile. Once satisfied, workouts saved by the athlete in the system. New workouts then appear.  Athletes graduate into new programs over time allowing them to increase their training age and develop their abilities as a complete athlete

     Weekly nutrition advice. Nutrition content designed by highly educated nutritionists responsible in guiding the best athletes in the world. Pre-game meal ideas, breakfast-lunch-dinner plans, post game recovery and weekly nutrition tips designed specifically for athletes.  

     Sleep / recovery pattern tracker and reporting 

     Hydration tracker and reporting 

     Compares each athlete to their team members (workout completion rates)

     Compares Team completion rate to club average completion rate 

     Team Scheduler. Allows coaches to schedule workouts, games, practices and other events which then auto populate in the athlete profile

     Club manager view. Club managers easily view club wide analytics ensuring the club is on track

     Combines. Administer and record combine results for each team. Mapping features exist ensuring you understand each athletes progress over time. 

    Parents receive weekly reports listing their child's workout completion rates. Nutrition information is also bundled in allowing parents to plan healthy meals while also learning about healthy foods they should be considering for their kids. 

     Mobile app that constantly evolves with ETS training models. Apps allow you to connect you with your own ETS trainer on a day-to-day basis