Sports clubs aligning with ETS put their athletes into a proven stream of athlete development & excellence. Age appropriate in-season and off-season programs are designed for athletes from 8-17 years of age. 


Once a club is on-boarded, ETS places all teams and athletes in the system. Programs are then built and prescribed for each team. Athletes receive the ETS training app with instruction on how to access and use the app. Athletes work through their app and the coach can then view how athletes are developing in key areas such as lifestyle, workout progress and combine results over time. 

Technologies communicate athlete development and lifestyle metrics to club administration & coaching staffs. As athletes work through the system they learn about key areas they can improve upon. This process ensures sound understanding of proper lifestyle and recovery; areas critical to athlete development. 

Club coaches can easily view team and individual progress through not only their workout progress but by running combines and graphing over time. Schedule features exist allowing coaches to schedule team practices, games, workouts, which athletes themselves can view within the app.

Parent communication has never been more detailed. The ETS system generates weekly athlete reports to parents listing workout progress, hydration levels, sleep patterns and how their child is eating. ETS also provides nutrition advice from the same Nutritionists that guide Pro athletes.